Main Features

AlarmM is using all the power of the android phone. It is integrated with the native application such as Messaging, Calendar, Contact and Gallery.

Example SMS, Phone Call and Email

The video below is showing two Android smartphone. The phone on the left has the appication installed and is staying at home and monitoring all your alarm devices. The phone on the right is the phone without the application and will receive alert message.

Example Network and Sound Alert

The video below is illustrating the basic functionallity of the AlarmM application. Two devices from different network are simulated from a website. So it's possible to mix device behind your router (local IP like on you local network and any kind of device on the internet (global address with domain like

Sound alert can be graphically setup and assign individually to device input or output. Sound will be produced as long as the alarm is signal. The application is playing the sound of the last alarm signaled. But previous sound alert will play again when last alarm is off.