Try it for free until you are completly satisfy with the features. A yearly subscription cost as low as approximately 7 US Dollars

I. Register

The only way to acquire a License is through Paypal. The process in completly automatic and you will receive a license immediatly. Follow acuratly the video instruction on the right side of this page. License are accumulating. This mean that times remaining will add up with a new license key.

II. Help

In case where you forget the License key you can send a request with the formular. We will check and send you the correct license key.

III. Request a free period

At graphtoweb we really appreciate feed back from users. If you like this application but wish to test it a little more you may request a free license. In order to get a free licence simply write a review of this application on Amazon. Then send the link from this review only with the web formular. Be aware that comment are review manually so the response won't be immediate but you should expect an answer after 24 hours.