Remote Control

Best security system should provide complete independancy. This apps offer a direct link between your home and the remoting phone.

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It's allready possible to remotly control with the alarmM application. This page is only for alarmM users who do not dispose of a fixed public IP address. The application can be used as a traditional alarm with the phone simply replacing your central alarm. What's new with android phone is that they are "mobile". Nobody has ever never travell with its heavy alarm system before! But it's technical possible with android phone. In order to remote your protected home two smartphones with the applications are required. The phone staying at home will be call server and the phone travelling will be call client.

When remoting alarm is wanted the following terminology must be understood:

When remoting alarm is wanted the following technical point must be fullfiled:

What is home?

Home is behind a box called a wifi Router. A typical protected home will look like this. The application need to know the name of this wifi router. EveryTime the application is detecting this name it will act as being home and it will be the server. In all other cases it will be a client.

Every alarm devices has two IP parameters called "Local IP" and "Global IP". A "Local IP" is digital address like and is used by the server. When all the "Local IP" paremeter fields with "Port" are left empty then the server will use the Global IP. A "Global IP" can be digital or alphanumeric and is used by the client. When the "Global IP" parameter is left empty then the client will use the public IP address.

Server phone

The paradox of the internet is that everybody except yourself know you own public IP adress. In order to know your own IP address it is nescessary to connect an external server. For example if you make an internet search about "What is my IP address" you will probably found Then the server is able to know the public IP address of its own current location. Graphtoweb is offering driver that enable the server to get the public IP address. Once this address is updated it can be email or text to the client.

Client phone

The client phone can monitor the protected home only if its public IP address is known. When the home public IP address is changing it can receive an email or a text message from the server. Then it is easy to copy and paste this IP address to the Generic setting of the application.

Automatic IP updating

The transmission of the public IP address from the server to the client can be done automatically. This is very convenient but you will loose a little independancy since this can only be done with a mini Cloud.