How it works

If as a private person you pay for the “Cloud” it’s because you don’t know what an IP address is! Having a fixed IP address then your home can become your cloud. And a fixed IP address is free or extremely cheap and easy to get.

The android Alarm Central do not need a fixed IP adress when remaining inside your protected home. The alarm application is interconnecting independent hardware from an existing network. It can be web camera and motion sensor for example. It will work on both a wired and a wifi network. Inside the setup of the AlamM application each alarm signal (sensor) can be freely associated with a visualization device (camera). They are three levels of protection:

1. Basic protection

The AlarmM device is sending an email with attached picture whenever an alarm is detected. Picture could be taken from the camera of the phone or any other IP camera on the network. AlarmM is using you internet access to send the message. An email account has to be setup in the configuration panel of the application. It can send simultaneously to an unlimited number of recipients chosen from the contact application.

2. Middle protection

Monitoring the alarm status in real time and receive screen alert with image in the case of an intrusion. AlarmM is connecting to the home network through internet. When travelling, AlarmM needs to know the world IP address (something like123.456.789.001) of the home network. A fixed IP address may be easily obtain either by you internet provider or by using a dyndns application. Real time monitoring when staying at home do not need a fast ip adress. The AlarmM application will switch automatically from local to global adress when travelling.

3. Advance protection

Receive a call or/and an SMS whenever an alert is issue by some of the sensor at home. It will send SMS to an unlimited number of contacts chosen from the phone contact. It will only send a landline call to the first contact chosen and registered as a Landline phone. It requires that one phone with the alarmM application stay at home.By installing the application on two phone sets the three level of protection can be achieved simultaneously.