Mobile alarm central

AlarmM is a professional application which transforms an android smart phone to a complete alarm system.

Compare to a traditional wired alarm:

Traditional alarms are built on proprietary module. The alarmM is a native android application which takes the advantage of all the power the existing native Android application and hardware. The alarmM is fully integrated with Message (SMS), Phone, Camera, Internet, Sound, People Contact and Calendar. It’s the ideal solution to recycle an old android mobile phone because it runs from the old API 2.3 Gingerbread up to the newest API. And you can still send and receive call and SMS while using it!

  • Come with full illuminated display
  • Get the phone dialer for free
  • No need to be a specialist to install
  • Easy interactive configuration
  • Everything in one box, fit in the pocket
  • Power with battery for emergency

Compare with cloud smart alarm:

Cloud alarm comes with minimum hardware features and maximum monthly subscription. They usually do not offer the video capability in their standard installation. Cloud alarm system is monitoring your home through their own server. This clouding is breaking down your privacy. This architecture is easy to break because it rely on three actors to be setup and running at the same time (your internet provider, the cloud server and the SMS gateway). On the contrary android phone can natively send SMS, Email and connect to internet. There is no need to have heavy and costly intermediate. This architecture is strong because it provides the three level of independent protection (basic protection is email, medium protection is peer to peer and advance protection is GSM).

  • Keep your privacy without the cloud
  • Complete independancy
  • Avoid false alarm with real image
  • No commitment to specific sensor
  • Can run on multiple phone
  • Works all over the world

What do I need to start?

You just need an Android smartphone. The application will run in the background of the phone and the phone can still be used as normal.