Basic Alarm System

This illustrate how to setup a simple alarm. This is using the back camera and the microphone of the smartphone. The phone is connected to internet through wifi.


Whenever a loud noise is detected the telephone wake up, display the picture and buzz a ringtone. It is possible to choose any kind of IP camera as a video source. If the video source is an IP camera with motion detection then the phone can be anywhere


The application has the ability to send automatically an unlimited number of email with attached picture. It is also possible to setup an automatic voice call or an automatic text call if the phone has a SIM card.


At any time it is possible to watch the state of the microphone. Unlimited number of microphone can be setup with different sound level. Each microphone can have it's own sound Level, Message (vibration,call,...), Media(contact,ringtone) and Moment (shedule).

Micro Settings

Each microphone can be easilly setup. The input of the microphone is scale to decibel so that the triggered action can be precisely tuned

Easilly setup in five minutes

All the menu are interactive. The video on the right side show how easy it is to setup the alarm.

I. Settings Add Sound

Create a new microphone device. The alarm will be triggered when volume color change to red. The delay parameter keep the alarm state for a number of extra second.

II. Monitor IO Editor

Select the sound device and choose the Message Notificatin menu. Add a new messaging profil and edit it. Once the option has been selected save the messaging profil and validate to associate it with the microphone device.

Choose the Media menu and add a new media profil. If no contact exist create one with an unlimited number of valid email. After completion save the media profil and validate to associate it with the microphone device.

III. Mail Account

A POP account is nescessary to be able to send email. A Gmail can be used for this purpose.

Link to the apps website

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