Ethernet IO board support for HTTP or HTTPS protocols

The table below contains a list of IO board producent with RJ45 connector. Ethernet connection does not mean that the board will be plug and play with your alarm system. The choice of electronic board is huge on the web. But specification is hard to understand and to avoid bad surprise it's better to read carrefully the documentation first. Some the product has been tested and some request has been send to producent. In this table I resume the quality of response I get and I wrote the compatibility of the board with the AlamM apps. Some board presents unique features which might be valuable for a project.

Brand Model Customer Support Board capabilty
Moxa ioLogik E1200 and 2500 Series Excellent Excellent
Board have professional features and help is provided by a very good support team. Full review.
NETIO Networked power socket PowerDIN 4PZ,Netio 4All, Netio 4, Netio PDU 4C Excellent Excellent
New product PowerDIN 4PZ is backbone of Alarm System. Assurance to find an M2M protocols that feeds its need. Full review. DAEnetIP4, DAEnetIP3, smartDEN IP-16R, IP-PLC, Opener, IP-Maxi, Notifier, IP-WatchDog, Logger Excellent Excellent
Reliable core controller used in many variation. Full review. BEM104, BEM105, BEM106, BEM107, BEM108, BEM11000, BEM11001 Excellent Excellent
Board serie is easy to use and cheap. Easy net protocol is very smart. Full review.... Lan Controller v3.5 Excellent Excellent
Board is compact with analog output. They provide very good information about different sensor compabible with their board. Full review....
EKO ELECTRONIQUE ETH-IO32B Excellent Excellent
Has both Relay, Digital and Analog IO on the same board. Full review.
ControlByWeb WebRelay, X-401 Excellent Excellent
High level of quality in documentation and exemple. You know exactly what you get. Full review.
Sollae Systems CIE-H10A CIE-H12A CIE-H12A CIE-H14A Excellent Excellent
Great feature with complete layout customizable of the embedded webserver. Full review.
Advantech Co., Ltd ADAM-6000, ADAM-6100, ADAM-6200 Excellent Excellent
Wide range of choice with a compact design. Full review.
M11, M30, P13 P14 series Excellent ONVIF protocol
Less cable installation with I/O board on the camera. Full review.
horner SmartRail , SMARTMOD+ Good Only modbus TCP
SENSORAY SmartRail , SMARTMOD+ Good Only modbus TCP, Http undocumented
brainbox ED-588, ED-516, ED-527, ED-538, ED-549,ED-560, ED-593 Good Only modbus TCP, Http undocumented
Nice yello color of the I/O device. Easy to spot in the dark area.
Devantech Limited ETH002, ETH008, ETH484, ds1242, ds378, ds384 Good Only modbus TCP
The dS modules offer AES binary encryption
ACCES I/O ETH-DIO-24, ETH-RO-16, ETHIDIO-4 Excellent Not Possible, proprietary TCP communication
Open API for customer who wish to programm the interface himself Passerelles IIoT GWY middle Unknow
Beckhoff Automation 2020 BK9 ??? and BC9 ???? No answer Unknow
Waiting... Nano-10 PLC No answer Unknow
Waiting... Modicon TM5 EtherNet/IP (TM5NEIP1 ) No answer Unknow
PLCDirect Benelux B.V ET-7042,ET-7044,ET-7005, ET-7015 No answer Unknow
Acromag XT1210, XT1220, XT1530 Bad Unknow
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