Support for ONVIF camera

This is illustrating how to use and setup an ONVIF camera. The application has the ability to subscribe to all event of all ONVIF camera. It will detect if the camera has some output and gives the possibility to trigger these action remotely.

Trigger Output

A custom button can be associated with an output of the camera. It gives the possibily to switch anykind of appliance (light, siren, garage door) when the output it connect to a relay like the video example there.

Dectecting Event

The mononitor panel display all event state of the camera. Cameras might have more the 50 events and the application has the ability to subscribe to only event of interest.

Detecting unknown event

The application recognise the input and output of every camera following the ONVIF standard. But it can also subscribe to every kind of camera vendor event. This is an exemple of the sound evend is detected by the application.

Easilly setup in five minutes

All the menu are interactive. The video on the right side show how easy it is to setup an ONVIF camera.

I. Settings the camera

To automatically configure an ONVIF camera the brand "Automatic Discovery" must be choosen. Then the Local IP must be filled with Port number. After the Login and Password has been entered just click on the "Save" button. More information can be found on the hardwaresupport page.

II. Filter event from the list

The application is displaying the list of all event which can be used to trigger alarm actions. The list of checkboxat at the bottom is used to subscribe only to necessary event. It is possible to define several configurations with different set of event.

III. Trigger and grab an image

A button is created in order to grab an image and trigger the output.

Link to the apps website

Once the event have been configured, they can be used in the alarm system to send email, sms like the basic alarm page