Android automation

This is an illustration of what can be done with the Advantech ADAM 6000 and 6200 series. The AlarmM has support for the Advantech board and IO digital state can be monitored and trigger. More than that it can also be combined with all the functionalites of a smartphone. Below is only a few example of the AlamrM application capabilitie.

Automatic phone calls

Each input or output can be associated with an action such as a phone call when their state are changing. The changing state which is producing the action can be closing (Normally opened) are opening (Normally closed). A different phone number can be attributed to each IO. This give the possibilities to listen of what is happening at the proximity of the phone.

Trigger output

AlarmM has the ability to trigger automatically output of the Advantech board. The setup page "profilMovement" is grouping output of different device together. This group can then be associate with an IO changing of state (see section Automatic phone calls above) or with a button.

Alarm with sound and image

AlarmM application is running as a background task. It will monitor the devices even if the smartephone is sleeping. When an IO is changing state the phone will be wake up, play a sound and display an image from the selected camera on the network. The video is showing two smartephone for educative purpose. Both sound and image action can be setup on only one phone.

Easilly setup in five minutes

All the menu are interactive. The video on the right side show how easy it is to setup an Advantech board.

I. Settings the device

From Setting menu the user can update the driver database of the application. More information can be found on the hardwaresupport page. After this operation last added Brand and Model will become available.

II. Device configuration

Only a few field are nescessary to get the device configured. The Local IP address is the one attribute by the DHCP of the router, port must be the same than the WebRelay configuration. Global IP is only used if the smartephone is on an unknown wifi network.

III. Setup Call

All the logic is created on the monitor panel. The monitor panel is switch to editor mode by clicking on the application icon on the bar menu. Touch the IO that need logic and they will reverse state. A counter indicate the number of IO selected. Four kind of profil logic are available in the menu bar. The messaging icon is used to add a profile that trigger an automatic phone call. For more information of the "Busy", "Free" see "Shedule an Alarm". The media icon is used to add the recipient profile of the phone call. Created profiles can be attribute to one or more IO. For testing purpose profiles can be attributed to a button.

Link to the apps website

Once the event have been configured, they can be used in the alarm system to send email, sms and also grab a picture on any IP camera on the network. This application can connect automatically to an ONVIF certified camera like the exemple here.