Support for WebRelay IO board

This is illustrating the potential of the AlarmM application with an IO board.

Trigger Output

A custom button can be associated with an output of the IO board. It gives the possibily to switch anykind of appliance (light, siren, garage door) when the output it connect to a relay like the video example. there. The application has the capacity to trigger automatically output when IO change of state are detected.

Dectecting Event

The monitor panel display all event state of input and the output of the IO board. Whenever a changing state is detected the application can start automatically event such a grab an image from network camera or from smartphone for example. The application can monitor device on different network silmutaneously.

Send an SMS

Event detected by the application can trigger a lot of different action. SMS is one the more reliable way of getting information message. The AlarmM application can associates a different message and contact for every IO registed by the system. It is just using the native contact and native messaging application of the smartphone.

Easilly setup in five minutes

All the menu are interactive. The video on the right side show how easy it is to setup a Webrelay board.

I. Settings the device

From Setting menu the user can update the driver database of the application. More information can be found on the hardwaresupport page. After this operation last added Brand and Model will become available.

II. Device configuration

Only a few field are nescessary to get the device configured. The Local IP address is the one attribute by the DHCP of the router, port must be the same than the WebRelay configuration. Global IP is only used if the smartephone is on an unknown wifi network.

III. Trigger ON/OFF

A button is created in order to switch ON/OFF the output of all the board silmutaneously. All the logic is created on the monitor panel. The monitor panel is switch to editor mode by clicking on the application icon on the bar menu. Touch the IO that need logic and they will reverse state. A counter indicate the number of IO selected. Four kind of profil logic are available in the menu bar. The power socket icon is used to add profil that switch ON/OFF output.

Link to the apps website

Once the event have been configured, they can be used in the alarm system to send email, sms and also grab a picture on any IP camera on the network. This application can connect automatically to an ONVIF certified camera like the exemple here.