Alarm system with Sollae Systems

This is an illustration of what can be done with AlarmM android application. AlarmM is the swiss knife of the security system since it can monitor different device on the same interface and link input of any device(s) to any output(s) of any device(s). The Sollae Remote I/O obey completly to the Modbus TCP standard. For more info on how to use Modbus see the link here. This page is specifally showing configuration for the Sollae product with a HTTP connection but the functionnality will be exactly the same. Sollae has this wonderfull feature of enabling the complete customization of the embedded server layout. Below is only a few example of the AlamrM application capabilities.

Monitoring Input and Output

AlarmM can monitor an unlimited number of board on a single graphical interface. Each digital or analog signal is represented by a customiziable icon. Each icon has too state "true" or "false". The logic can be invididually reverse by setting the Normally Open or Normally Close option. Each icon is associated with action such as switching the state of one or more output to one or more IO board. AlarmM application is running as a background task. It will monitor the Sollae devices even if the smartephone is sleeping.

Automatic phone call and text message

If a SIM card is inserted in the android then all the phone capabilities can be used . The configuration of the device is following exactly the same principe describe in the AlarmFeatures page. Every IO change of state can be associated with a contact person of phone. The AlarmM will dial automatically or send a text message to the contact.

Remotly switch ON/OFF the alarm

The alarmM application has the ability to automate action when state of IO is changing. For exemple Digital input of one board can trigger automatically a digital output of another board even if they are on a completly different network. More than that AlarmM has the abilty to swich ON/OFF the alarm system remotly. Only the Administrator of the alarm will be allowed to do that. The alarmM can be managed with a Landline phone since it will call back once for OFF and twice for ON. In the video below the green ouput are disabled when the alarm is OFF. Actually output are in the normally state which is in this case closed but it can be individually tuned.

Easilly setup in five minutes

In order to use the AlarmM apps, the HTML of the CIE-H10 has to be updated. Because the CIE_H10 HTML content is customizable, it means you can modify the HTML file and upload it to the CIE-H10 device. This allows users to change web UI if needed. Please refer to the following documents "How to customize the web UI" from Sollae. The following HTML has to be uploaded to the CIE-H10 first.

I. Settings the device

All the menu are interactive. The video on the right side show how easy it is to setup a sollae device. The sollae device can be configured with Modbus TCP or HTTP protocols. It's possible to use both protocols at the same time. The AlarmM application has a HTTP driver for the brand Sollae model CIE-H10.

II. Network configuration

Only a few field are nescessary to get the device configured. The Local IP address is the one attribute by the DHCP of the router, port must be the same than the modbus configuration. Global IP is only used if the smartephone is on an unknown public wifi network.

III. Credentials

This part is optional and depends of the configuration of the CIE-H10 device.

Link to the apps website

Once the event have been configured, they can be used in the alarm system to send automatically email, sms, call and also grab a picture on any IP camera on the network. The trigger event of a sollae device can be link to a onvif camera in order to grab picture.