Camera Motion Alarm

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The camera motion apps is flexible Alarm system. At graphtoweb we really appreciate feed back from users. If you like this application but wish to test it a little more you may request a free license. In order to get a free licence simply write a review of this application on Google. Then send the link from this review only with the web formular. Be aware that comment are review manually so the response won't be immediate but you should expect an answer after 24 hours.

This android application will run on old Gingerbread (API 2.3) mobile phone up to the newest. However Google Play Store have make the old phone obselete and make it nearly impossible to deliver version compatible with previous API. The application (version 14) from this download link will run on all the android platform.

GoAlarmV is an advanced security camera app that takes advantage of the built-in camera to detect movements. Alarm will start playing a sound whenever an event has occurred. It is running as a background task and will detect motion when the phone is sleeping or behind a screen lock such as PIN, Password, Face recognition or fingerprint.

The motion detector is started with a single button and will start recording alarm event after a delay. When a motion is considered to be an alarm event the device will play an alarm sound after the same delay. This delay can be customized in the setting menu. The alarm sound will play for a limited duration. This duration can be set in the settings menu as well. It is possible to configure the alarm to be mute in order to record silently.

The video view has two different working modes. During live video mode the view has a red border. During replay mode the view has green border. Switching live or replay mode is done by double tab the video frame. It is possible to zoom in and out the image with the two fingers gesture. During the replay mode (green border) the entire recorded images event can be reviewed. The recorded events are classified respectively by production year, month, day and time. They are directly accessible with the four drop down menu bar in the menu panel. To navigate quickly to the previous or next recorded events just scroll down or up the video view. To navigate quickly to the previous or next frame just scroll left or right the video view. The real time graphics can as well be scrolled in order to quickly navigate through all the currents displayed events. The application has also incorporated the classical button “play”, “rewind” and “forward”.

The motion detection algorithm is easily tunable thank to a real time graphics which display the detector response. Tuning of the detector is simply done with four spinners. The red spinner is allowing to setup the minimum value for triggering an alarm event. The blue spinner is scaling the amplitude of the curve. The green spinner is filtering the events (according to width) which will produce an alarm. The black spinner is smothering the sensor value. Spinner can be locked and unlocked with long press.

Remote Control

The GoAlarmV is completely autonomous and do not need internet connection during normal execution. However there is an option to remote video and alarm signal from the application. In this case the remote service need to be started and the option “Start server automatic” should be checked. The option “Allow Remote Connection” should only be checked if connection from another location is wished. It is highly recommended to change the default password. The password can be visible by long pressing the title “Administrator Password”.

In order to connect remotely to the Smartphone the browser address need to be copy and paste in any modern browser. Be aware that it is only the local private IP address which is displayed there. To achieve a connection from outside your private network you should know your public IP address and set you wifi router to forward the port to your phone. More information can be found at this Alarm Messaging product page.

The default credentials are Username root and Password admin.

The configuration panel is allowing choosing which features will be available during a remote connection. To quickly select the features a double click on line title will opt the entire line.

The live view of the selected camera is displaying as well the different state of the alarm sensor during motion detection.

The history panel is giving the ability to watch and delete all the image sequence. It indicates as well the total number of video sequence receives.

The trigger setting panel is allowing tuning the alarm sensor through the internet connection. It is possible to open several browsers simultaneously but notice that change in one browser will be automatically reflected in the other browser. However each browser can activate a local sound alarm. More information about these features is explained on the alarm Sensor product page.

Free licence with reviews

It is always possible to use this app for free. By entering an empty key the expiring time will be be reset. From the register menu of the application, the Registration dialog can be opened. The feedback button wiil open the default browser of the mobile phone. Then simply fill and submit the web formular. A valid key license will be send to the email of the formular.