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Latest projects

Alarm Messaging

A background service which call, sms and email automatically.

Alarm Control

Monitor alarm Inputs and trigger the alarm Outputs.

Cryptomatic application

Cryptomatic application

A solution which compute license key.

Monitor Android-powered devices with built-in sensors

Proximity sensor

The proximity sensor lets you determine how far away an object is from a device.

Step counter sensor

Provides the number of steps taken by the user since the last reboot.

Light sensor

Measures the ambient light level (illumination) in lx.

Device orientation sensor

Phone clockwise and anti-clockwise position

Gyroscope sensor

The gyroscope measures the rate of rotation in rad/s around a device's x, y, and z axis.

Battery info

Battery level and charging mode.

Linear accelerometer sensor

Provides the three-dimensional vector representing acceleration along each device axis, excluding gravity.

Accelerometer sensor

Measures the acceleration applied to the device, including the force of gravity.

Geomagnetic field sensor

Monitor changes in the earth's magnetic field.

Gravity sensor

Provides a three dimensional vector indicating the direction and magnitude of gravity.

Significant or stationary motion sensor

Triggers an event each time significant or no motion is detected and then it disables itself.

Rotation vector sensor

Represents the orientation of the device as a combination of an angle and an axis

Trigger alarm with android Sensor

In the configuration menu all the sensor available are displayed. A mouse click on the row main title (for example “VOLUME_1”) will activate a sensor and check all the features. All the sensors activated with at least one check box will be displayed inside the monitor menu.

In the monitor menu every sensor panel can activate an alarm. The alarm is computed on the mobile phone and will propagate to every open browser. Each browser can activate a sound with this alarm by selecting a ringtones from the drop down selector. There is two drop down selector inside a sensor panel. The first selector will associate a ringtone with the alarm counter. When the counter is bigger than 0 the sound will play until the reset button “reset” is pressed. The second selector will associate a ringtone with the current alarm event state. The ringtone will play continuously as long as the alarm is remaining active.

The state of the alarm will switch to active or inactive when all the sensors values are crossing their respective trigger value. The trigger value is defined by the green and red input value. This pair of trigger values might form a boundary interval in order to avoid excessive alarm due to hysteresis. If one of the sensors value must be ignore it can be either removed from the configuration or assign with a green value bigger than the red value. The rule defining the active or inactive state might be reversed with the Normally Open/Close option of the configuration menu.

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