Version 29 (26 november 2022)

Version Alignement

Version Alignement to same number

Version 28 (24 november 2022)


Sound create a crash from API 30

Version 27 (24 november 2022)

Default handler

Help Dialog to change and restore default sms and phone handler

Version 26 (27 november 2020)

New driver

Denkovi driver are now available.

Version 26 (03 november 2020)

New functionalities

Monitoring view add additional title color to reflect the state of the running device.

Support for Moxa IO board

Generic view has a field for the optional Public IP of the home network.

Devices are using the optional public IP address when Global IP field is empty.

Support for Dynamic IP address driver which check and update the public IP. Driver are coming soon keep an eye on AlarmDynDns.

Application can send with email or sms the public IP to another phone.

Bug solved

Quarantine time for phone and sms have the same look and feel with the watch icon.

Scale ratio of the Analog value was wrongly calculated.

BOM with JSON removed.

Annoyance with Intenet lost connection removed.

Version 26 (16 november 2022)


Improve Use of SMS or Call Log permission groups

Version 25 (28 august 2020)

New functionalities

To use the new Profile Measure functionalities the REST driver need to be update with the menu “Update All”, the ONVIF device need to be rediscovered with the “Automatic Discovery”, Modbus device and embedded should work unchanged.

Support protocol URL API password parameter.

Write to analog device (modbus and REST)

HMI Seekbar button to control analog output.

Bug solved

Modbus return wrong Analog output.

Measurment Profile : Format is 10 character length, Zero has to be negative for scaling a short.

Rewrite in profilMovement: High state has auto reset, Low state has auto reset, delay , duration

Version 24 (26 juny 2020)

New functionalities

Order and switch on/off alarm zone in the settings list

Device can be displayed on the same line in the monitor view if place available

Read and format analog value in Rest device. Alert can be triggered with interval range.

TakePicture with Overlay color of the media theme

AlertView pop up quicker

Bug solved

Settings Searching red animation is disappearing when scroll

Setting popup menu not nice at the top. First row give problem with a scrollbar

Location title (H) or (W) is removed from device when not necessary

Overlay floating view is not moving with touch on PIE

Automatic call view is sometimes hidden and prevent dialing

Version 23 (12 may 2020)

New functionalities

Customize HMI with button flow layout on first page

Button design page with preview

Support for automatic switch of M2M XML API device (netio)

Bug solved

Remove white space in analogic value

Schedule may have duplicate entry

Automatic discovery menu for Onvif device was crashing

Version 22 (28 april 2020)

New functionalities

Modbus TCP automatic discovery with 247 channel support.

Modbus IO state can be associated to every phone events.

Monitoring of Modbus Coil Outputs, Digital Inputs, Analog Inputs and Holding Registers types.

Movement profiles can trigger modbus analog and digital output automatically.

Customize format for analog and digital IO.

Triggering level for analog IO.

Associate a contact with each IO and use the picture as icon in monitor view.

Numbering of IO.

Switch between hexadecimal or numeric display.

Bug solved

Wrong Contact associated with monitor icon. Previously one need to be recreate.

Wrong marging between icon on monitor view.

Version 21 (29 februar 2020)

New functionalities

Support replay attack protection for ONVIF.

Topics filter for ONVIF can be selected from the list in Settings.

Support Digest password protection.

Support several camera of same model with different configuration.

Bug solved

Profiles are shifted when one device is deleted.

Phone numbers generations may have wrong character.

ONVIF header is missing the subscription ID.

Version 20 (7 februar 2020)

New functionalities

From main view it is possible to swipe left to go event logs view directly or swipe right to go to monitor view directly.

Event can trigger an output. The implementation works for both ONVIF device and REST device.

Bug solved

Stop service does not disable the button on the main view

Normally closed is saved but wrongly read on the Messaging profil view

Version 19 (14 januar 2020)

New functionalities

Restart automatically the wifi when there is a connection but no internet

Log history has a menu to refresh the last state of the connected devices

Bug solved

acquire picture from phone camera crash if the media server died

microphone stop recording if the mediaPlayer server died

support Https for Onvif camera

multithread Onvif camera create memory leak

Sound Activity is crashing if sound permission is denied

Version 18 (3 december 2019)

New functionalities

messagingProfile split "SmsCall" in two separates cases

messaginProfile "Sms" will ask which apps to use if no ProfilMedia

messaginProfile "Call" will ask which apps to use if no ProfilMedia

Two buttons "Call" and "Sms" are created at start up with respectively two ProfilMessaging "Call" and "Sms". Theres button and profiles can be removed. They will be regenerated if everything is deleted

Automatic call will call the first phone number of a contact

MessagesLogs has new set of icon for SMS and CALL

Bug solved

ProfilMedia was crashing when Name field was left empty

ProfilMedia RingTone and Contact could not be set to empty once instantiate

Version 17