HeadPhone Wired Alarm

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This application is providing a smart alarm with the button of any android phone.

The headphone wired alarm apps is flexible Alarm system. At graphtoweb we really appreciate feed back from users. If you like this application but wish to test it a little more you may request a free license. In order to get a free licence simply write a review of this application on Google. Then send the link from this review only with the web formular. Be aware that comment are review manually so the response won't be immediate but you should expect an answer after 24 hours.

This android application will run on old Gingerbread (API 2.3) mobile phone up to the newest. However Google Play Store have make the old phone obselete and make it nearly impossible to deliver version compatible with previous API. The application (version 5) from this download link will run on all the android platform.

Automatic phone call

Use the button headphone of the headphone to trigger a phone call automatically.

Pause and Resume Alarm Remotely

The application is detecting incoming call from the designated contact. It will toggle the alarm state from Pause to Waiting. The application will automatically call back the contact once when the state is “PAUSE” and twice when the state is “WAITING”

Free licence with reviews

It is always possible to use this app for free. By entering an empty key the expiring time will be be reset. From the register menu of the application, the Registration dialog can be opened. The feedback button wiil open the default browser of the mobile phone. Then simply fill and submit the web formular. A valid key license will be send to the email of the formular.